Liturgical Ministries of the Laity

Fr and 2 acolytes






Young men, ages eleven years old and up, are invited to serve in the area of the Holy Altar as "Acolytes." (The word acolyte is derived from the Greek word "akoloutho," which means "attendant.") These young men assist the celebrant priest in all of the services of the church.  

Periodic meetings & training sessions are held during different times of the ecclesiastical year.

When in the Holy Sanctuary, an Acolyte is close to God Himself. Parents, as well as the acolyte, must understand that serving Father at the altar is a great privilege that demands that they display model behavior, manners and most especially reverence.

Acolytes must be in the Sanctuary no later than 9:20 a.m., before the beginning of the Divine Liturgy at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday (10 minutes before the beginning of other services).  Being late, chatting, laughing and chewing gum, are disrespectful and are a distraction to people who are at Divine Liturgy to honor and give thanks to God.

If your child is an acolyte and you want to see when they are serving, please see the following Google document:

Acolyte Schedule

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Altar Flowers

On various days throughout the year we decorate icons and the temple with flowers – most memorable are days like Palm Sunday and Pascha.  Other days it may just be a vase of flowers and a garland draped over an icon.  Volunteers are scheduled to assist in acquiring and arranging flowers for major feasts and other times flowers are needed during church services.  

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact




Chanting the responses and hymns at services such as Weekday Liturgies, Vespers, Paraklesis, Salutations, etc. is an important ministry, since all of our services are chanted to one degree or another.

If you would like to be a chanter, please contact



“Singing is Praying Twice!” – St. Augustine

It is a great privilege to join with the Angels in singing the praises of God and leading Christ's Church in these hymns. Our choir has learned music in both English and in the Greek tradition to give a depth to our Divine Services. They lead the congregation in singing as well as sing the more demanding hymns. In accordance with ancient tradition, the choir sings without instrumental accompaniment.

If you would like to sing in the choir, please contact






From the earliest days of the Church, the best way for lay people to participate in the Divine Liturgy is to offer the bread and wine for the Eucharist.  Our parishioners continue to make the Prosphora as a labor of love.  Parishioners also often offer the wine as well.

To volunteer to make Prosphora (or to learn how to make it), please contact prosphora@threehierarchs.



There are many opportunities for lay people to assist in the Divine Services through the reading of Scripture. Besides the regular Epistle Reading every Sunday, there are also readings for special services, Vespers, the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, the Salutations, etc. We are also looking for Readers to read the Orthros service on Sunday mornings (chanting responses is optional!).

If you would like to read at the Services, please contact