Campus Ministries

The Three Hierarchs community has, for several decades, provided a "home away from home" to the students and professors of our Holy Orthodox Faith, no matter the length of their stay in Champaign-Urbana.

Each week, on Tuesday evenings, Fr. Michael meets with the students at 6:00pm at the NIKA House. (803 W. Oregon Street Urbana- adjacent to the campus of the University of Illinois- Lincoln and Oregon are cross streets). Weekly meal is provided by the Pomonis family, the owners of Merry Ann's Diner of Champaign.  The dinner is complimentary to the students.

Following dinner, a short meeting is conducted by the student officers of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), and then, from 6:30pm-7:30pm, a religious/spiritual discussion is held.  Guest speakers and/or visiting clergy will also address the students at different times with respect to our Holy Orthodox Faith and its application to the Orthodox Christian way of life.

In addition to the spiritual discussions on Tuesday evenings, fellowship events/outings; service projects; spiritual retreats; and more are held throughout the academic year.  Students are also offered complimentary transportation to our parish on Sunday mornings, so that they may be able to attend and participate in the Holy and Sacred Divine Liturgy.

Father also has "Office Hours" by appointment at the NIKA House and at the Three Hierarchs parish. This affords the students an opportunity to meet with a priest for prayer, spiritual counsel, or Sacramental Confession, if they desire.

The students are invited to participate in all areas of parish life, as their studies allow.  They are strongly encouraged to maintain their union with our Lord Jesus Christ, through His Orthodox Church while they are in Champaign-Urbana.


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NIKA House

NIKA House is a residence for Orthodox Christian men and women while they are attending the University of Illinois.

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