Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church
2010 Three Hierarchs Court
Champaign, Illinois
Youth Ministries of our Parish
Our Three Hierarchs parish family currently offers ministries to our youngest parishioners in the following ways:
Children's Religious Education-- Church (Sunday) School

Our Church School classes are conducted from the Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday following Mother's Day (September-May). The children worship together with their families during the Divine Liturgy that begins promptly at 9:30am. Following the reception of Holy Communion, the children depart for their classes that are conducted until the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. Our religious education staff uses the most up to date materials from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Religious Education. In addition to classroom instruction, the children engage in practical learning by participating in different processions and Feasts throughout the ecclesiastical year. Our lay supervisor of the church school program is Mr. Aidan Roseberry, who is assisted by the teachers of Pre-K; Kindergarten;1st-3rd grades; 4th-6th grades; Junior High; & High School. If you are interested in bringing your children to Church School, come to church, and we will take care of the rest.

Church School Schedule

Acolytes (Altar Boys)

Boys at least 11 years of age are invited to serve in the area of the Holy Altar as acolytes. (The word acolyte is derived from the Greek-'"akoloutho"- which means to "follow") The boys follow the direction of the celebrant priest and the adult lay assistant in the area of the Holy Altar. Currently, we have three groups of acolytes who are serving. Father Michael offers training for the boys on a quarterly basis and has a special session for them prior to Holy Week. Our lay leader for the acolyte ministry is Mr. Aidan Roseberry Sr.. A current schedule is accessible from our web site by clicking the link on the left drop down menu entitled, "Acolytes." Periodic meetings & training sessions are held during different times of the ecclesiastical year.

Acolyte Schedule

Myrrhbearers (Myrofores)
We also have a participatory program for girls age 9 and older known as the "Myrrhbearers." The Myrrhbearers dress in a special way and assist in the processions of Palm Sunday evening (Brides of Christ) and on Holy & Great Friday, along with other special occasions (Feasts) throughout the year. Our lay leaders of the Myrrhbearers are Presvytera Nancy and Mrs. Toni Laros.