Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church
2010 Three Hierarchs Court
Champaign, Illinois
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Sunday, December 30th - Hearing the Lord's Call to Renewed Relationship of Love

Tuesday, December 25th - Entering the Cave of Jesus with the Virtues Found in the Beatitudes: Our 2018 Advent Journey

Sunday, December 23rd - The Comfort of the Christ child Rests in the Arms of Those Who Mourn

Sunday, December 16th - Blessed are the Meek: The Mystery of Surrender/Offering ourselves to God

Wednesday, December 12th - Homily of the Feast Day for St. Spyridon- The Sheperdic Feasts that Lead us to Christmas

Sunday, December 9th - Blessed are the Merciful- the Merciful Heart: The Key to the Entrance of the Cave of Jesus' Birth

Thursday, December 6th - Homily of the Feast Day for St. Nicholas- An Icon of the Virtue of Charity

Sunday, November 25th - Blessed are the Poor in Spirit- Offering the Virtues found in the Beatitudes to Christ at Christmas

Sunday, November 18th - The Eight Steps on our Path to Redemption & the Journey to Christmas

Thursday, November 8th - The Roles of the Nine Different Orders of Angels

Sunday, November 4th - Overcoming the Passion of Greed- the 7th step on our Path to Redemption

Thursday, November 1st - Homily for the Feast of the Holy Unmercenaries and Saints Cosmas & Damian

Sunday, October 28th - Bringing Hope to the Hopeless- the 6th step on our Path to Redemption

Friday, October 26th - Homily for the Feast of St. Demetrios the Great Martyr and Myrrh-streamer of Thessalonica

Sunday, October 21st - Following Christ into Places where We/Gospel are Rejected

Sunday, October 14th - Allowing Ourselves to be Guided by Christ continually in our Life- Step 4 on our Path to Redemption

Sunday, October 7th - Intentionally Sharing God's Kindness in the Procession of Life- the 3rd step on our Path to Redemption

Sunday, September 30th - Our Path to Redemption- Step 2- Sharing the Infinite Mercy of our God With All

Sunday, September 23rd - Our Encounter/Relationship with Jesus is Meant to Place on the Path to our Redemption

Sunday, September 16th - A Parable of a Life that was Shaped/Conformed to the Cross of Christ

Friday, September 14th - The Life Changing Encounters of those Linked to the Discovery of the Cross & their Meaning for Us

Sunday, September 9th - Offering the Radical Mercy of God- the Vocation of our Church/Parish

Friday, September 7th - Holiness in the Life of Families

Sunday, August 19th - Orthodox Christianity: An Invitation to a Relationship of Friendship with the Living God

Wednesday, August 15th - Homily for the Holy Dormition of the Theotokos

Sunday, August 12th - Untying the Knots of Sin- The Unique Vocation of the Apostolic Church

Sunday, August 5th - Finding our Way to Transform the World for Christ

Sunday, July 15th - Working together to be the Salt and Christ's Light of the Earth

Sunday, July 8th - Offering the Mercy of God in the Midst of the Challenges Facing our Church in the 21st century

Sunday, May 20th - The Power of the Word- Epilogue- is Revealed in Divine Love

Sunday, April 29th - The Power of the Word in John's Gospel- Part 1- The Word Sets Us Free

Sunday, April 22nd - Overcoming the Obstacles in Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus- Images from the Life of the Myrrh-bearer St. Mary

Sunday, April 15th - Thomas the Twin Reflects Our Vocation & Struggle to Bring the Message of the Risen Lord to All

Saturday, April 7th - Proclaiming Anew the Resurrection of Christ

Sunday, April 1st - The Image of the Donkey Leads Us into Holy Week

Sunday, March 25th - Returning to our Heart's Vocation- Living as Sons & Daughters of our God

Sunday, March 18th - Finding our Way through the Desert of the Contemporary World to Christ

Friday, March 16th - Homily for the Fourth Salutations to the Theotokos

Sunday, March 11th - The Crucible of Life & The Holy Cross of our Lord

Friday, March 9th - Homily for the Third Salutations to the Theotokos

Sunday, March 4th - Seeking & Finding the Kingdom of God within us during the Lenten Journey

Friday, March 2nd - Homily for the Second Salutations to the Theotokos

Sunday, February 25th - Seeing the Heavens Opened: The Invitation of our Lord Offered to Each of Us

Friday, February 23rd - An Orthodox Response to the Parkland Shooting

Sunday, February 18th - The Season of Great Lent: A Season Inviting Us to Form Sound Spiritual Habits

Sunday, February 11th - Seeing the Bigger Picture: A Contemporary Biography of the Return to Love

Sunday, February 4th - Finding our Quiet Zone with God- Reclaiming our Focus on Him during Great Lent

Sunday, January 28th - Prayer; The Temple & the Healing that Leads us to Pascha

Sunday, January 14th - Following Jesus into the Desert after His Baptism- An Invitation to New Life

Sunday, January 7th - An Invitation to a Personal Encounter with God- the life and message of St. John the Baptizer

Monday, January 1st - Rededicating Ourselves to Christ - the Story of St. Basil



Sunday, December 31st - Receiving the Prince of Peace- Living within the Peace of God

Monday, December 25th - The Coming of Light into Darkness: Images from the film, "The Man who Invented Christmas"- Part 2- Receiving the Light of Christ on Christmas Day

Sunday, December 24th - The Coming of Light into Darkness: Images from the film, "The Man who Invented Christmas"- Part 1- Exposing the Darkness

Sunday, December 10th - The Fourth Step on the Journey to Bethlehem is Made through the Virtue of Compassion

Sunday, December 3rd - The Third Step Towards Bethlehem- Growing in the Virtues of Faith; Hope; and Love

Sunday, November 26th - Passing through the Eye of the Needle- The Second Step on our Journey to Bethlehem

Sunday, November 19th - Taking the First Step towards Bethlehem to Receive Christ Anew

Sunday, November 12th - The Power of Planting Seeds of Mercy- the Life of St. John the Merciful & Fuel for our Journey to Christmas

Sunday, November 5th - Offering the Philanthropy of Christ is the Way in which We Reveal our Faith & Relationship with Him

Sunday, October 29th - Matters of the Heart: The Example of the Nun Anastasia of Rome for Orthodox Christians of all Generations

Sunday, October 22nd - Fuel for the Journey Home to God's Kingdom- The Inspiring Example of of St. Demetrios & his family

Sunday, October 15th - Not in All of Israel Have I Found Such Faith: The Great Faith of the 3 Centurions in the New Testament & Their Legacy for Us

Sunday, October 8th - The Inspirational Life of St. Pelagia Illustrates the Power of a Life Connected to God

Sunday, September 24th - Jesus' two Meetings with St. Peter at the Sea of Galilee- their meaning then and their implications now regarding our Relationship with the Lord

Sunday, September 17th - The Lord's Mercy and Love from the Cross is Proclaimed the Greatest in this Saint Present at the Crucifixion

Sunday, September 10th - The Invitation & Message of the Saints of September to the Orthodox Christian of the 21st century

Sunday, September 3rd - Connecting our Work to our Life of Communion with God

Sunday, August 27th - Inheriting Eternal Life: Entering into a Life Changing Relationship of Love with Christ

Sunday, August 20th - Living & Sharing the Forgiveness & Peace of Christ in Difficult Times

Sunday, August 13th - The Spirituality Challenge: Proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus in the 21st Century

Sunday, August 6th - Miracles in the Holy Land: A Miracle on Mt. Tabor and Our Transformation in Christ

Sunday, July 30th - Miracles in the Desert: A Renewed Invitation to Live a Life in Communion with God

Sunday, July 9th - The Authority of Jesus; the Authority of His Church; A Ministry of Healing

Sunday, July 2nd - An Invitation, through the Centurion, to Declare our Dependence upon God

Sunday, June 25th - Overcoming Spiritual Blindness that We may Fulfill the Lord's Invitation to Seek His Kingdom

Sunday, June 18th - Fulfilling God's Call- Living as the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church in the 21st century

Sunday, June 11th - The Saints Teach Us How to Build the Lord's Church in Every Generation

Sunday, May 28th - Maintaining the Connection between Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy

Wednesday, May 24th - The Bucket List

Sunday, May 21st - Jesus Reveals the Manner in which We can Renew our Spiritual Vision

Sunday, May 14th - The Thirst of the Samaritan Woman; the thirst of Christ; and the Thirst of Contemporary Humanity

Sunday, May 7th - Christ Seeks Our Healing Through Love

Sunday, April 30th - Living as Families of Faith, Hope, and Love in Difficult Times- Images from the Lives of the family the Apostles James and John

Sunday, April 23rd - The Faith, Love, and Commitment of St. George is a Pattern for All Christians to Follow

Saturday, April 15th - The Light of the Lily: A Russian Parable of Easter

Friday, April 14th - Seeking Perfection in the Cyclical Nature of Easter

Sunday, April 9th - Renewing our Relationship with Christ by Receiving Him as our King

Saturday, April 8th - Renewing our Relationship with Christ: The Family of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary

Sunday, April 2nd - Renewing our Relationship with Christ as We Prepare for Holy Week

Sunday, March 26th - Christ Invites Us to Spiritual Therapy- A Renewed and Healing Relationship with Him

Saturday, March 25th - The meaning of Annunciation in our lives

Sunday, March 19th - The Daffodils; the Cross; and the Lenten struggle towards our union with Christ

Friday, March 17th - Thoughts on the importance of the Holy Cross and the Holy Virgin Mary

Sunday, March 12th - Experiencing Christ's Healing Power of Forgiveness in the Lenten Journey and Beyond

Sunday, March 5th - The Restoration of the Holy Icons: A Story of the Triumph of A Family's Faith; Hope; and Love in God

Sunday, February 26th - Remaining Focused on the Goal during the Great & Holy Lent, amidst the Lure of Distractions

Saturday, February 25th - The Church"s "Hall of Fame" Athletes- the Ascetic Fathers & Mothers

Sunday, February 19th - Passing through the Judgment Seat of Christ by Offering Hospitality to All

Saturday, February 18th - The History & Meaning of the Saturday of Souls

Sunday, February 12th - Returning from the Far Country to the Love of God- An Invitation to the Great 40 Days of Lent

Sunday, February 5th - Christ Invites us to a Deeper Vision of the Gift of Spiritual Healing He offers through His Church

Sunday, January 22nd - Jesus' Meeting with Zacchaeus: An Image of the Meeting of Healing that Christ desires for each one of us

Sunday, January 15th - Realizing and Responding to the Gift of Cleansing that our Lord has given to each one of us

Sunday, January 8th - Finding our Fulfillment in the New Way of Life that Christ Offers Us

Sunday, January 1st - The New Year Brings an Opportunity for a New Beginning in Christ


Sunday, December 25th - Behold, I bring you glad tidings of great joy: The Joy of Christmas Day

Sunday, December 18th - Offering Precious Gems to Christ, Our Master & Lord: Offering the Virtue of Faith (Part 5)

Sunday, December 11th - Offering Precious Gems to Christ our Master & Lord: Offering the Virtue of Watchfulness (Part 4)

Sunday, December 4th - Offering Precious Gems to Christ our Master & Lord - Offering the Virtue of Kindness (Part 3)

Sunday, November 27th - Offering Precious Gems to Christ our Master & Lord - Offering the Virtue of Obedience (Part 2)

Sunday, November 20th - Gathering Treasure on our Journey to Christmas & the Kingdom of God

Sunday, November 13th - Called & Sent by Christ on the Journey of Salvation- Realizing our Role in the Plan of Salvation

Sunday, November 6th - Christ reveals that His Healing Empowers us to Service (diakonia)

Sunday, October 30th - Being Healed into Love: The Blessed Middle State of the Soul

Sunday, October 23rd - A Recipe for the Christian Way of Life in the 1st & 21st century from the Life of St. James, the Lord's Brother

Sunday, October 9th - Messengers of Christ: Heralds of the Kingdom of God

Sunday, October 2nd - Messengers of Christ; Messengers of Christ's Victory over Death

Sunday, September 25th - 7 Ways that Christianity Changed the World and Can Change It Again

Sunday, September 18th - Messengers of Christ; Messengers of A New Religion of the God of Love

Sunday, September 11th - Messengers of Christ; Messengers of the Godly Meaning of the Family

Sunday, September 4th - Messengers of the Christ; Messengers of the Dignity & Holiness of Work

Sunday, August 28th - Messengers of Christ; Messengers Dignity of the Human Person

Sunday, August 21st - Building a Life Centered Upon Christ

Sunday, August 14th - Holding onto the Good Leaven of our Lord Jesus Christ

Sunday, August 7th - Our Blindness is Met and Healed by the Mercy of God

Saturday, August 6th - A Special "Local" Story of Transfiguration/Transformation

Sunday, July 31st - The History, Purpose, & Meaning of the 15 Days of August for Orthodox Christians

Sunday, July 10th - Reflections On the Clergy Laity Conference in the Setting of the Matthew 6:22-33

Sunday, July 3rd - I will make you Fishers of Men: the Nature and Character of the Apostolic Invitation of Jesus Christ

Wednesday, June 29th - Liturgy of Saints Peter and Paul

Tuesday, June 28th - Living as Witnesses of God's Mercy

Sunday, June 26th - The Radical Way of Love- the Path to Sainthood

Sunday, June 19th - Our Lord's Church: His Vessel of Cleansing for the World: The Mission of the 21st c. Greek Orthodox Parish

Sunday, May 29th - The Lord's Church: His Cleansing Vessel for the World, Pt. 2: His Cleansing is Offered through the Holy Mysteries

Sunday, May 22nd - The Lord's Church: His Vessel of Cleansing for the World- Part 1: His Cleansing Offered Through the Word

Sunday, May 15th - Sacred Symbols of Christ's Burial & Their Meaning for Us in this Paschal Season of New Life

Sunday, May 8th - Overcoming Doubt & Growing in our Faith & Relationship with Christ

Saturday, April 30th - Walking with Jesus in the Glory of His Resurrection- His Plan for Us

Tuesday, April 26th - Bridegroom Service Homily

Sunday, April 24th - Christ Desires to Enter into Our Hearts; Minds; and Souls this Holy Week to Bring Us the Gift of Divine Love

Saturday, April 23rd - The Loving Power of the Word (Christ)

Sunday, April 17th - Walking the Road of Redemption- Part 5- Walking on the Path of Repentance through Peace and Servanthood

Sunday, April 10th - Walking the Road to Our Redemption- Part 4- Placing our Lives on the Path of Christian Virtue

Sunday, April 3rd - Walking the Path of Redemption- Part 3- by Walking the Path of the Cross- Living in its Power

Sunday, March 27th - Walking the Path of Redemption- Part 2- Vibrant Prayer, the Antidote for Spiritual Paralysis

Sunday, March 20th - Walking the Path of Redemption Part 1- Striving to Living as Purified Orthodox Christians

Sunday, March 13th - Receiving and sharing the Forgiveness of our Heavenly Father- Spiritual Pavement of the Lenten Journey

Sunday, March 6th - Seeing the Judgment Seat from a New Perspective

Sunday, February 28th - Finding our Way Home to the Father's House with the Help of Jesus

Sunday, February 21st - Becoming Compassionate People of The Compassionate Christ

Sunday, February 14th - The Orthodox Christian Life: A Celebration of God's Love

Sunday, January 31st - Seeing 'side by side' the Lives of the Three Hierarchs- the Images that can Help Us Live as People of God

Sunday, January 24th - The Life of St. Gregory the Theologian: The Need for Vigilant Watchman then and now

Sunday, January 10th - Receiving and Honoring the Gifts given at Christmas/Epiphany in the New Year and beyond

Sunday, January 3rd - Making the Path Straight for the Lord; Honoring the 50th Celebration of Our Lord's Baptism in our Parish


Friday, December 25th - A Vision of Christmas Future: Handing on the Sacred Tradition of Christmas to the Future People of God

Thursday, December 24th - Voices of Christmas Present: Presenting the Unique Message of Christmas to the Contemporary World

Sunday, December 20th - Voices of Christmas Past- Formulating a 21st century Christmas Carol to Help Us Recapture the 'New-ness' of the Miracle of Christ's Birth

Sunday, December 6th - The Incarnation of Christ- Mankind's Hunger Fulfilled & Collins' 'Hunger Games'

Sunday, November 29th - Finding our Place in the Mystery of the Christmas Story; in the Plan of God's Redemption

Sunday, November 22nd - Preparing our Hearts to Be Filled with Thanksgiving and Spiritual Mangers for the Loving Christ Child

Sunday, November 15th - The Great Invitation of Jesus to Live in Happiness by Loving God & our Neighbors

Sunday, November 8th - Created to Serve: The Ministry of the Holy Angels- An Invitation to a Life of Service to God & Neighbor

Sunday, October 25th - The Invitation of Jesus to receive His Person and Live a New Life of Freedom

Sunday, October 18th - St. Luke: Apostle, Evangelist, and Example Par Excellance of One who has accepted the Great Invitations of Jesus

Sunday, October 11th - The Great Invitation of Jesus to Cultivate our Hearts and Bear Fruit

Sunday, October 4th - The Great Invitation of Jesus to Transform the World through His Love

Sunday, September 27th - The Great Invitation of Jesus to accept the Great Commission

Sunday, September 13th - Behold the Cross: Instrument of Healing for the Friend of Christ; and a Call to Offer His Healing to All

Sunday, September 6th - Doing the Chief Work (Labor) of the Orthodox Christian Way of Life

Sunday, August 30th - Approaching Christ with Bushel Baskets of Spiritual Fruit

Saturday, August 29th - God's vision of Marriage & Our Relationship with Him

Sunday, August 16th - The Feast of the Dormition: Honoring this Sacred Inheritance Given to Us by God

Saturday, August 15th - The Ark of the Covenant; the Theotokos; and the Call of the Orthodox Christian to Live as an "Ark of the Covenant."

Sunday, August 10th - Casting Out the Demons: Experience Victory in Christ over the Unseen Forces of Darkness

Sunday, August 2nd - Living in the Purified Dignity of Marriage & Family- fulfilling our Call to Transfigure the world for Christ

Sunday, July 26th - Redeeming the Times: An Urgent Call to the 21st century Orthodox Christian from St. Paraskevi

Sunday, July 5th - Fulfilling our Calling as the Apostolic Church of the 21st century- Connecting & Re-connecting to the God of Love

Sunday, June 28th - Fulfilling our Calling as the Apostolic Church of the 21st c.- Part 4- Becoming Contemporary Centurions of Faith

Sunday, June 21st - Fulfilling our Call as the Apostolic Church in the 21st century- Part 3- Seeing Life through the eyes of Christ

Sunday, June 14th - Fulfilling our call as the Apostle Church of the 21st century- Part 2- First Steps in a lifelong journey of discipleship

Sunday, June 7th - Fulfulling our Call as the Apostolic Church in the 21st c- Part 1- An Introduction to a Life of Christian Discipleship

Sunday, May 31st - Quenching Our Thirst for Divine Life through Living Water- Sermon Series Part 5 (final)

Sunday, May 24th - Christ invites to Receive the Living Water of Sound Doctrine- Part 4

Wednesday, May 20th - Christ: Our Means of Ascent to the Father in Heaven

Sunday, May 17th - Christ calls us to receive Living Water- Part 3- Our invitation to a New Beginning with Jesus in the Paschal Season

Sunday, May 10th - Christ calls us to receive Living Water (Part 2)- The Gentile Exodus- The meeting between Jesus & St. Photini

Sunday, May 3rd - Christ Calls Us to Receive the Living Water (Part 1)- Images from the Healing of the Paralytic

Sunday, April 26th - You are My Witnesses: Bearing Witness to the Compassion of the Risen Lord

Sunday, April 19th - You are My witnesses- Bearing Witness to the Risen Lord & the New Life He offers in the Paschal Season

Saturday, April 11th - Pascha- A Season of Rebirth for the Orthodox Christian

Sunday, April 5th - The Palm: Symbol of Victory- An Image of our Life in Christ

Saturday, April 4th - I am the Resurrection & the Life- Christ offers Lazarus & Each of Us New Life at the Resurrection of Lazarus

Sunday, March 22nd - Making the Lenten Journey of the Heart- The Spiritual Therapy of Virtue

Sunday, March 15th - Opening our Hearts during Lent & beyond to experience the Love, Mercy, & Forgiveness of God

Sunday, March 8th - Making the Lenten Journey of the Heart through Prayer

Sunday, March 1st - Making the Lenten Journey of the Heart with the Help of the Holy Icons

Sunday, February 22nd - Going beyond the Surface into the Depths of the Lenten Journey to Meet Christ

Sunday, February 15th - Seeing our Life in Christ & His Judgment Seat from a New Perspective

Sunday, February 8th - Seeing the Father's House with New Eyes as We Approach Great Lent

Friday, January 30th - Incarnating the Gospel in the 21st Century- A "conversation" with the Three Holy Hierarchs

Sunday, January 25th - Learning to See Again Through the Eyes of Jesus Christ

Sunday, January 18th - Giving Glory to God: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude towards our Lord

Sunday, January 11th - Remaining Faithful to our Baptism Each Day of our Lives

Sunday, January 5th - The Importance of Commitment & Dedication on our Journey to the Kingdom of God

Thursday, January 1st - The Importance of Names



Sunday, December 28th - Walking the Path that Jesus had Laid Out for Us in this Life

Thursday, December 25th - Following the Star; following Christ on the Journey of Life beginning at His Birth - Images from the recently released film: 'Interstellar'

Wednesday, December 24th - Realizing the Presence of Emmanuel- the Essential Message of Christmas

Sunday, December 21st - Living & Sharing the Peace of Christmas

Sunday, December 7th - 1st & 21st Century Man's Need for Savior- Images from the film: 'The Hunger Games: Mocking-jay'

Sunday, November 30th - Our Lord calls us Recognize & Respond to Decisive Moments in our Life

Sunday, November 23rd - Christ Uncovers our Eyes to our Sacred Vocation to be Good Stewards of the Gifts of God

Sunday, November 16th - Being Good Stewards of God's Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness

Sunday, November 2nd - Christ Comes to Awaken Us to a Life of Vibrant Stewardship

Sunday, October 19th - Proclaiming the Connection between Faith & Life in a Secular Times

Sunday, October 12th - Becoming Good Soil for the Master- Becoming Contemporary Fishers of Men

Sunday, October 5th - Becoming Good Fishers of Men with the Bait of Unconditional Love

Sunday, September 28th - Becoming Fishers of Men in the Contemporary Church of our Lord Jesus Christ

Sunday, September 21st - Remaining Faithful to the Cross of Jesus Christ in the Midst of a Culture suffering an Identity Crisis

Sunday, September 14th - Mankind's Need & Desire for Redemption- Images from "The Giver"- Part 2

Sunday, September 7th - Living the Life Christ Came to Give us amidst the Challenges of Contemporary Culture: Images from 'The Giver'- Part 1

Sunday, August 31st - Saying 'Yes' to Walking Humbly with Our Lord Towards His Heavenly Kingdom

Sunday, August 24th - Coming to an Orthodox Christian Understanding of the Purpose of Education

Sunday, August 10th - Working in Union with God and Each Other as a Church Community Living in Apocalyptic Times

Sunday, August 3rd - An Urgent Call to Unity for Both Early and Contemporary Christians

Sunday, July 27th - Help Wanted: Spiritual Navigators for the 21st Century Church

Sunday, July 20th - Remaining Faithful to God: Imitating Elijah in 'Jezebellian' Times

Sunday, July 13th - Christ's Invitation for The Christian Family to be His Light in the Contemporary World

Sunday, July 6th - Inviting Christ to Enter and Live In our Hearts

Sunday, June 8th - Drinking the Living Water - Living Life in the Spirit Today

Sunday, June 1st - Presenting a Unified Christian Message to 21st Century ManSunday, May 25th - Christ Calls Us to Open our Eyes that We might See Him Anew

Sunday, May 18th - The Life of St. Photini: Great Martyr & Equal to the Apostles- An Invitation to Grow in our Service to God as Contemporary Orthodox Christians

Sunday, May 11th - Our Lord Invites us to become Pure Offerings to the Father

Sunday, May 4th - The Life of St Mary Magdalene: A Saint for Contemporary Christians to Emulate

Sunday, April 27th - Confessing Christ as Our Lord and God to the Contemporary World

Saturday, April 19th - Christ Heals Us into Love through His Death & Resurrection

Sunday, April 13th - Surrendering our Lives to God as an Offering for His Gift of Redemption

Saturday, April 12th - Deepening our Friendship with God

Sunday, April 6th - Overcoming Vanity, so that We may Grow Closer to Christ

Sunday, March 30th - Taking the Risk to Believe in God in an Age of Unbelief

Sunday, March 23rd - Christ invites us to Live in the Transforming Power of His Holy Cross

Sunday, March 16th - Breaking Down the Walls that Keep Us from a Deeper Experience of God's Forgiveness & Healing

Sunday, March 2nd - "Draw Near to God & He will draw Near to You" (James 4:8)- "Drawing Close to God during Great Lent"

Sunday, February 23rd - Servants of the Cross: Living in the Love of God in Difficult Times

Sunday, February 16th - Housing the Fullness of God: Returning to our First Love during Great Lent & Beyond

Sunday, February 9th - Let us Depart in Peace: Living our Lives 'Justified' in Christ

Sunday, February 2nd - Looking for the Consolation of God in Times of Uncertainty

Sunday, January 26th - Sons & Daughters of Abraham: Jesus Offers us the Great Love of the Father, Revealing our Identity as His Sons & Daughters

Sunday, January 19th - Healing Contemporary Leprosy: Living as Christ's Apostles of Light & Healing."- Light v. Darkness- Pt. 3

Sunday, January 5th - Light V. Darkness: The Feast of Lights in the Old Testament & Its Meaning for our Celebration of Epiphany" - Part 1


Sunday, December 29th - Saving Hope in the 21st century: Living as Apostles of Hope - Part 2

Sunday, December 22nd - Then & Now: 1st century & Contemporary Man's Need for the Incarnation of Jesus Christ

Sunday, December 8th - 1st Century Rome: The Battle of the Circus/Arena: "Remembering who the Real Enemy is" on our Journey to Bethlehem

Sunday, December 1st - 1st Century Rome: The World that Witnessed the Incarnation of Christ: 'Images from the Film/Book- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

Sunday, November 24th - Jesus Invites Us to Empty Ourselves in order that He might Fill Us at Christmas with His Divine Love/Life

Sunday, November 17th - The Dangers of Living Disconnected Lives & the Possibility of Reconnecting through the Birth of Christ

Sunday, November 10th - Living as our Lord's Good Samaritans in the 21st Century

Sunday, November 3rd - Matters of the Heart: The Rich Man's Heart & the Heart that Jesus Desires for Each of Us

Sunday, October 27th - Sowing & Reaping a Harvest for Christ in Ancient Corinth & the Contemporary Church

Sunday, October 20th - Living as Temples of the Living God: Growing in Holiness in Corinth and in Contemporary America

Sunday, October 13th - Sowing the Seed of the Word of God in the Contemporary World

Sunday, October 6th - "God has visited His people"- the Lord calls us to become Ambassadors of Divine Visitation to All

Sunday, September 29th - Christ invites us to Glorify God by Reflecting the Love and Mercy of His Father to All

Sunday, September 22nd - In Weakness & Strength: We Answer the Call to Follow the Lord; Images from Lives of the Prophet Jonah & the Apostle Peter

Sunday, September 15th - The Cross of Jesus: Our Compass Leading us to 'True North'- the Kingdom of Heaven

Sunday, September 8th - The First Turn Towards Heaven on our Spiritual GPS: Realizing our Dependence upon God

Sunday, September 1st - The New Church Year: Our GPS  Navigator that leads us to Christ and His Kingdom

Sunday, August 25th - Where There is No Vision, A Nation Perishes (Proverbs 29:18): Maintaining our Vision of Christ

Sunday, August 18th - Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone: Christ Feeds His Hungering People - Then & Now

Sunday, August 11th - The Ties that Blind- Living the Transfigured Life in Christ - Images from the Film "Castaway"

Sunday, August 4th - Transforming the World for Christ through Love: Lessons from the Film: 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory'

Sunday, July 28th - Pantaleon & Panteleimon: A Man of Strength and Mercy- A Saint for Our Time

Sunday, July 21st - "Follow Me"- The Meaning of the Virtue of Obedience for the Orthodox Christian

Sunday, July 14th - "Follow Me"- The Good Works of the Orthodox Christian Way of Life

Sunday, July 7th - "Follow Me": Christ's Invitation to Discover the Meaning of Independence

Sunday, June 30th - Men & Women of Steel: An Apostolic Message of the Church to our Generation through the Lens of the Film- 'Man of Steel'

Sunday, June 2nd - Proclaiming Christ to Contemporary Samaria

Sunday, May 26th - Jesus Calls His Church (us) to Bring His Healing Mercy to All

Sunday, May 19th - Basin Theology: Whom shall we Serve?

Sunday, May 12th - Jesus Invites Us to a Personal Experience of the Paschal Mystery

Sunday, May 5th - Pascha: Saved by Hope

Sunday, April 28th - Return O You Prisoners of Hope (Zech. 9:12) - Christ Brings Hope to All as He Entered Jerusalem

Sunday, April 21st - Christ Calls Us to Bear the Cross of Devotion to His Will

Sunday, April 14th - Christ Calls us from the Cross to Bear the Inward Crosses of this Life

Sunday, April 7th - Christ Calls us from the Cross to Bear the Outward Crosses of this Life

Sunday, March 31st - Four Friends of the Orthodox Christian: The Key to Release from Spiritual Paralysis during Lent & beyond

Sunday, March 24th - The Orthodox Christian Vocation of Purity as Revealed on the 1st weekend of Great Lent

Sunday, March 17th - Reclaiming our Place in Paradise through the Forgiveness of God

Sunday, March 10th - Making Christ's Team - Passing through Judgment by Entering Through the Narrow Gate

Sunday, March 3rd - Understanding the Nature of Sin as Revealed in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, so that We might Experience More Deeply the Mystery of Repentance

Sunday, February 24th - Sharpening (Increasing the Quality of) our Prayers During Great Lent

Sunday, February 17th - Awakening to the Purpose of Great Lent

Sunday, February 10th - Using our Talents for the Glory of God

Sunday, February 3rd - Saving the American Nation- The Urgent Call to Recover the Christian Vision & Vocation of Spiritual Parenthood

Sunday, January 13th - Holding onto Christ and the Message of Christmas & Epiphany in a Changing World

Sunday, January 6th - Following Christ after Holy Baptism - The Orthodox Christian Way of Life


Sunday, December 30th - Finding Ourselves in the Christmas Story through the Images of the Kings- Herod; the Magi; and Christ the King

Sunday, December 9th - The Lord's Ten Commandments:  Guides for Our Collective Journey to the Kingdom of Heaven

Sunday, December 2nd - Reflection on the Final Two Commandments:  "Thou Shalt Not Steal" and "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness"

Sunday, November 25th - God calls His people to transform desires through the 10th Commandment & through the Example of St. Catherine
Sunday, November 18th - The First Love:  Israel's & Our Calling to Remain Faithful in a Relationship of Love with God
Sunday, November 11th - The Moral Teaching of God begins with the Commandment:  Thou shalt not Kill - Its Meaning for Israel and for Us
Sunday, November 4th - Honor thy Father & Mother-The First Commandment with a Promise
Sunday, October 28th - Keeping the Sabbath--Its Importance & Meaning for Israel & the Orthodox Christian

Sunday, October 21st - Taking the Lord's Name in Vain - Its Meaning for Israel & for the Orthodox Christian

Sunday, October 14th - Thou shalt not make for yourselves graven images: Holy Icons, Relics, and Constructing the Household of Faith

Sunday, October 7th - Render Your Hearts - Our Ascent with Moses to meet God; the General Meaning of the Commandments; & Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me
Sunday, September 30th - Israel's Journey from the Red Sea to Mt. Sinai & the Preparation to Receive the Ten Commandments
Sunday, September 23rd - A Prologue to the Ten Commandments:  The Orthodox Christian Meaning to Israel's Journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai
Sunday, September 16th - Experiencing Transformation at the Foot of the Cross of Jesus
Sunday, September 9th - The Character of the Early Christian Communities & Its Meaning for Us
Sunday, September 2nd - The Work of the Church (local parish) and the Manner in Which It Helps to Form Our Christian Character
Sunday, August 26th - The Rich Young Man & the Importance of Forming Christian Character
Sunday, July 15th—You are the Light of the world- Becoming the Light of God through the Example of Ss. Julitta & Kirikos
Sunday, July 8th—Visiting Priest, Fr. Michael Stearns
Sunday, July 1st—Building the Church of Christ in the Contemporary Corinths of the World
Sunday, June 24th, Feast of Nativity of John the Baptizer—Building the Church through the Family
Sunday, June 17h—Jesus Calls Us to Become His Contemporary Apostles so that We Might Build His Church through Teaching, Preaching, and Healing
All Saints Sunday, June 10th—Visiting priest Fr. Alexander Lukashonok
Pentecost Sunday, June 3rd, The Sacred Call is Made by the Holy Spirit to Each Generation to Build the Church of our Lord
Sunday, May 27th, The Example of St. Constantine the Emperor is a Pattern for Leaders to Overcome Challenges in Every Generation
Thursday, May 24th—Feast of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ
Sunday, May 20th—The Pool of Siloam—It's History and Meaning for Us—as the Called and Sent People of Jesus Christ
Sunday, May 13th, The History of Samaria; Her Five Husbands; and their Meaning in our Relationship of Love with God
Sunday, May 6th, Jesus calls us to the Pool of Bethesda, in order that He might give us the Healing Mercy and Divine Grace of the Father
Sunday of Thomas, April 22nd, The Struggle of Thomas for Faith in the Risen Christ is Our Struggle
Great and Holy Pascha Resurrection Service, April 14 evening, Making the Argument for Faith in the Risen Christ on Pascha 2012
Holy Thursday Evening, April 12th, The Twelve Gospels of the Passion
Holy Thursday, April 12th, Liturgy of the Last Supper
Holy Wednesday Evening, April 11th, Bridegroom Service for Holy Thursday
Holy Wednesday, April 11th, Sacrament of the Holy Unction
Holy Tuesday Evening, April 10th, Bridegroom Service for Holy Wednesday
Holy Monday Evening, April 9th, Bridegroom Service for Holy Tuesday
Palm Sunday Evening, April 8th, Bridegroom Service for Holy Monday
Palm Sunday, April 8th, Christ offers Himself to a Hungering Generation Then and Now: Images from The Hunger Games
Saturday of Lazarus, April 7th - Christ comes to Bethany to give New Life to Lazarus and to Us
Sunday, April 1st, The Spiritual Dispositions that Each of Us Needs in order to Answer the Invitation of Jesus Christ to walk with Him through Holy Week
Sunday, March 25th, Understanding the Annunciation of God —His Call— to us
Sunday, March 18th,Seeing the Big Picture of our Salvation from the Cross of Jesus
Sunday, March 11th, Jesus wants to see us place our Faith in action: The call from paralyzed to active faith on the 2nd Sunday of Great Lent.
Sunday, March 4th, The wrestle of contemporary Christian with God and its connection to the Vision of the Ladder of the Son of Man
Sunday, February 26th, The Lord invites to receive cleansing through the mystery of forgiveness
Sunday, February 19th, The Lord Cleanses us through the fire of Judgment which is a Cleansing of Divine Love
Sunday, February 12th, Jesus invites us to return to Him so that He might cleanse us and unite us to Heaven—Images of Cleansing in the Parable of the Prodigal Son
Sunday, February 5th, Jesus calls us to Spiritual Purification, so that We can be More Fully United to Him
Sunday, January 22nd, Jesus calls us to healing, restoration, and wholeness as revealed in His meeting with Zacchaeus and the Invitation to Contemporary Man as revealed in the movie War Horse to receive these gifts of God
Sunday, January 8th, The Meaning of Zebulon; Naphtali & Christ as the Great Light in the Contemporary Celebration of Jesus' Baptism
Sunday, January 8th, Feast of the Theophany of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Sunday, January 1st, The Images of the Film "Christmas Vacation" & the Vision that God has for His People in the New Year

Sunday, December 25th, The Fourth Wise Man's Search for the Son of God
Sunday, December 18th,The Three Magi; their Gifts; and the Manner in which We can offer Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh to our Lord
Sunday, December 11th, The Three Hierarchs 2011 Christmas Pageant
Sunday, December 4th, Christ comes at Christmas to deliver us from ignorance and lead us to true knowledge of God
Wednesday, November 30th, Feast of Saint Andrew, the First-Called Apostle
Monday, November 21th, Feast of the Entrance into The Temple of Our Most Holy Lady The Theotokos
November 20th, The three spiritual illnesses of the rich man and three antidotes that lead to charity
November 13th, The Life and Message of St. John Chrysostom (missing beginning)
November 6th, Jesus invites us to discover healing and the true meaning of life in Him (partial)
October 23rd, The Life of St. James the Lord's Brother: A Model for the Orthodox Christian Way of Life
October 16th, The Spear of St. Longinos and the Importance of Sacred Symbols in our Lives as Orthodox Christians
October 9th, His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago
October 2nd, Jesus' invitation to live in love & Three trends (obstacles) of contemporary society that we must overcome to do this.
September 25th, Jesus' call to a life changing encounter with him as observed in the call of St. Peter and two fighter pilots.
September 18th, Rosh Hashanah; the New Ecclesiastical Year; and the importance of the Cross of Jesus
9/11 Revisited- A Reflection on the Struggle to live in Peace
September 8th, Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary
September 4th, The Work of Following of Christ; The Work of living as a Disciple of Jesus in the Contemporary World May 15th, The Call of the Lord to the Parish community in the Light of Pascha—as revealed in the community of Joppa in Acts 9
May 8th, Answering the call to Serve Christ—Above and Beyond the Call of Duty in the Examples of the Myrrhbearers; St. Joseph of Arimathea; and St. John
May 1st, Sunday of Thomas: Confessing Jesus in the words of Thomas: My Lord and My God, going forward from Pascha
Friday, April 29th, Feast of the Life Giving Fountain
April 25th, Holy Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer
April 24th Resurrection Service
April 21st Passion Service—My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me
April 21st—Liturgy of the Mystical Supper
April 20th Holy Wednesday Bridegroom Service—Encountering God through the Holy Sacrament of Unction
April 19th Holy Tuesday Bridegroom Service—The call to encounter God comes through the realization of our brokenness
April 18th, Holy Monday Bridegroom Service—Orthodoxy is an incarnational Faith—The call to encounter God through uniting our Faith to our daily life
April 17th Palm Sunday Bridegroom Service—Encountering God through Repentance: The Message of the Fruitless Fig Tree
April 17th, Palm Sunday—Encountering God through Offering—Christ comes on Palm Sunday to give His life for us—He awaits our response
Saturday, April 16th: Encountering God through the Ear- Jesus calls to Lazarus—Come forth (to new life)!
April 10th, Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt: The Lent as an Invitation to a Personal and Dynamic Encounter with Christ
Friday, April 8th: The Theotokos leads us to union with Her Son, Jesus
Friday, April 1st, Theotokos, Our Ladder Towards Christ
March 27th, Jesus' invitation to self-denial & the Way of the Cross
March 20th, The Orthodox Church and Natural Disasters
Friday, March 18th, The Theotokos as an Icon of Prayer
March 13th, Sunday of Orthodoxy—The Mission
Friday, March 11th, First Salutation to the Theotokos
March 6th, Sunday of Forgiveness
February 27th, Sunday of the Last Judgment—Return to Never Land
February 20th, Sunday of the Prodigal Son
February 13th, On Postmodernism and Political Correctness
February 6th, Walk the Walk
January 23rd, The Healing of a Blind Man (partial)
January 9th, Sunday after Epiphany
January 2nd, A Christmas Carol
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