Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church
2010 Three Hierarchs Court
Champaign, Illinois
Introducing the Orthodox Faith & Practicum Series
"Orthodox 101" & Practicums Offered 2018-2019

Father will offer an Introductory series- an "Orthodox 101" series with both a morning and evening session to accommodate our parshioners' schedules. The morning series will begin on Tuesday, September 11th , and the evening series will begin on Wednesday, September 17th. We will be using Fr. Anthony Coniaris' book, "Introducing the Orthodox Church: It's Faith and Life" as our text. Father will also be providing additional materials. The series will include an in depth explanation of the Divine Liturgy and a Tour of the Orthodox Temple (meaning of the different parts and liturgical items).

In addition to the "Orthodox 101" series, Father will offer some practicum- practical teaching sessions on how to prepare Prosfora (the loaf offered for the Divine Liturgy); the Kolyva (wheat) used in the Memorial Services; the Five Loaves; and more. These practicums will meet once per month, and may include participation in community events. 

Please click the parish calendar link for a complete schedule.